We are very saddened to report that we have lost one of our extended HTRSA Family Members, Gene Dow.


Gene has been a referee for HTRSA for as long as I can remember.


He loved the game and never lost sight of what truly mattered, the kids.


If Gene thought the boys were getting a little too much, he'd address it without a second thought.  If Gene thought the coaches or parents were getting a little too much, he'd address them without a second thought.  At times, it had made for some interesting board meetings with the "offenders", but it always came down to, "If you weren't doing XYZ, then we wouldn't be having this conversation."

In soccer, there are 17 Laws of the Game (LOTG).  There is an unwritten law, Law #18, known as common sense.  Gene never lost sight of the game he loved, is ALL about the kids and sometimes common sense trumps a LOTG.

We all appreciate the times we've had with him.  Aside from the times on the soccer pitch,  Gene typically would come to the concession stand before the games and ask Joyce to put two meatball sandwiches aside for him.  He'd come back after the games and pay for the sandwiches, eat them in his car and go home. He'd let us believe he didn't want his wife to know and they were a secret, but we had found out she did.  When the concession stand started offering pulled pork, those meatballs were quickly replaced with his new favorite dish.


We will be dedicating a flag pole in memory of Gene.


Below is his obituary, and in the picture below, Gene is the official to my right giving me a RED CARD for my awful Team USA World Cup Weekend costume:



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