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HTRSA Juggle Club!


What is Juggling the soccer ball?! - Glad you asked! Juggling is the art of keeping the soccer ball from hitting the ground by bouncing it off of one's foot, knee/leg, head, chest, back or shoulders (no hands or arms as in a game). Soccer juggling will strengthen a player's overall ball control and game. Juggling is a fundamental soccer skill that is a must in establishing good "touch" with the soccer ball.


The purpose of establishing the HTRSA Juggle club is to encourage players to practice outside of there HTRSA practices and games! To get them practicing with the ball at home!


CLUB RULES: As each player reaches a new level of juggling through their career with HTRSA, they will receive a color-coded soccer ball patch (see below) plus an HTRSA Certificate. Players can apply the patch to the right sleeve of their team jerseys. You MUST be a registered player on either an HTRSA Team or Hamilton Soccer Club (Travel Division) Team. Division Commissioners will distribute patches and certificates to the players through their coaches or Coaches may pick them up at the HTRSA Corner Kick Cafe.

All juggles must be done in front of an HTRSA Coach, NOT in front of parents, friends, etc.


Click here to see a PDF of the Juggle Club Rules!



Cherry Gabriel DIV 4 9/27/2014 13
Yesenosky Thomas DIV 4 9/27/2014 11
O'Lone Connor DIV 4 9/27/2014 9
Gilleo Joshua DIV 4 9/27/2014 9
Woolverton Matt DIV 4 9/27/2014 9
Vanchoff Devin DIV 4 9/27/2014 6
Morreale Bruno DIV 4 9/27/2014 6
Schiariti Daniel DIV 4 5/17/2014 6
Neary Kashe DIV 4 5/17/2014 6