HTRSA Player Age Groups



Please refer to the chart to determine what Division your player should play in for the 2018 Season. This is a guideline and may be adjusted.

Born between 10/1/2012 and 9/30/2014 Under 6 DIVISION 7
Born between 10/1/2010 and 9/30/2012 Under 8 DIVISION 6
Born between 10/1/2008 and 9/30/2010 Under 10 DIVISION 5
Born between 10/1/2006 and 9/30/2008 Under 12 DIVISION 4
Born between 10/1/2005 and 9/30/2006 Under 13 DIVISION 3
Born between 10/1/2004 and 9/30/2005 Under 14 DIVISION 3
Born between 10/1/2003 and 9/30/2004 Under 15 DIVISION 2
Born between 10/1/2000 and 9/30/2003 Under 18* DIVISION 2


The age group divisions for the calendar year are set by the age your player is as of September 30th,. Your player will be placed into the Division mentioned above according to his age group definition. For example, Under 12 means your player was under the age of 12 by the cut- off date, of September 30th OF THE CURRENT YEAR. We will adjust the divisions age groups if our signup numbers warrant it.

*MUST still be in High School to play
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