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HTRSA Player’s Congress:  

Empowering Youth, Building Community

We are starting an HTRSA Player’s Congress; where young players become leaders and contributors to their soccer league! The Player’s Congress is open to HTRSA players aged 9 and older, aiming to foster a sense of ownership, community, and social engagement.


Goals of the Player’s Congress:

  1. League Ownership:  We want players to view HTRSA not just as their soccer team but as their soccer league. The Player’s Congress encourages a sense of responsibility and pride in their soccer community.
  2. Fresh Insight:  Bring new/younger perspectives! The Player’s Congress seeks to uncover aspects of HTRSA that may go unnoticed and provide valuable input for enhancements.
  3. Social Environment:  Beyond the game, players will have the opportunity to engage socially. Discussions about teams, plays, games, and practices will create a platform for shared experiences and learning from fellow players across divisions.


Monthly Meeting Schedule:

When:  First Friday of each month, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm


  • Introduction:  Players introduce themselves.
  • Discussion:  Explore different aspects of HTRSA, propose improvements, and engage in conversation.
  • Activity:  Participate in a small hands-on activity related to league functions or projects.
  • Refreshments:  Enjoy some refreshments, socialize, and connect with fellow players.

Parental Involvement:

Parents are invited to attend, but drop-off and pick-up is available for convenience.


Signup and RSVP:

Registration:  Ensure inclusion in Player’s Congress email list for communications and planning.  Register Here

RSVP:  Monthly meeting RSVPs help plan activities, arrange the room, and order refreshments efficiently.  The monthly email will include the refresment choices and a RSVP link. 



Join us in shaping the future of HTRSA! The Player’s Congress is not just a group; it's a community where youth become leaders and friends. We look forward to your participation!

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